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Pinewood Property Owners Association - Accomplishments
A BIG Thank You, for all the contributions, and how they benefit us all.


Your Pinewood Property Owners' Association uses the donations you provide for a variety of projects that enhance the Munds Park experience.  Most are continuing year after year, some are one-time events.  Here are some examples:
        Replaced batteries in omni-directional emergency siren
        Replaced pads in 8 AED's (community Automated External Defibrillator's)
        Financial assistance to Country Club to eliminate falling hazard for residents that attend events at the Pinewood Players facility
        Two AED's for Fire Department use
        Replaced hardware on playground swings
        Replaced two plastic bubbles on playground equipment
        All new bingo equipment
        Replaced broken basketball hoop
        Painted playground swings support
        New all-weather benches on Pinewood Blvd.
        New telescoping flagpole and lighted flags at post office
        Two new portico's at playground
        Remove weeds & tree roots at playground and ditch
        Helped establish Coconino Community Theater
        Purchased Community Watch window stickers
        $500 donation to Natural Restorations for cleanup in forest.
        Replaced 2 slides and a swing at the playground

        Replace and maintain entrance marquee
        Rebuild retaining wall at skate board park
        Cattle Guard at Janice Place entrance into National Forest
        4 Speed awareness signs
        Bollards at post office
        New flag, pole and light at the post office
        Electronic sign at Fire Station
        Permanent trash container for playground
        Fire Hydrant flags
        Provided funding for Fire Department equipment, jaws of life, hoses, chairs
        Purchase and install flags along Pinewood Blvd and Walapai for holidays
        Support Business Alliance Beautification of Munds Park entrance
        Install safety fence between basketball court and Memorial Garden
        Extended safety fence around basketball court
        Maintain basketball court backboards and nets.

Prior Years and Continuing
        Support funding of Community Watch
        Provided funding to establish Munds Park Trail Stewards (MUTS)
        Donated funds to Pinewood Players for Play House
        Helped Play House with chairs, refrigeration unit
        Purchased green & white reflective house numbers for Fire Department to give to residents free of charge
        Purchased two emergency lights for CERT
        Stripe parking lot at post office
        Established drive way around post office
        Provide Scholarships for resident students beyond High School
        Host Bingo Fridays
        Support Kids Safety Day
        Sponsor 4th of July Parade, secure permits, arrange signage, Porta Potties, purchase insurance
        Repair and paint Fire Station
        Help fund Pinewood Players kids carnival
        Provide benches along Pinewood Blvd
        Painted guard rails along Pinewood Blvd
        Thor Guard lightning prediction system at Fire Station
        Provided omni-directional siren for emergency warnings
        Purchased AED systems for several locations
        Helped pay for community storage shed
        Pay APS lighting for Pinewood Blvd
        Purchased MUTS tool trailer
        Help fund PFD Auxiliary Halloween Party and Santa Visit
        Provided Skate Board Park equipment
        Dispatch communication equipment for Fire Station
        Completed and dedicated landscaping in front of Firehouse
        Funded and assisted in building Fire Department Memorial Garden
        New wood fence at playground and memorial garden
        Repair/repaint kids playground equipment
        Welcome to Munds Park signs at each entrance from I-17
And more we can't remember!
We honor our country and those who have served by flying on most national holidays flags of the United States, State of Arizona, US Army, US Navy, US Marines, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Purple Heart and POW-MIA.

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We honor our country and those who have served by flying on most national holidays the flags of:

United States
State of Arizona
US Army
US Navy
US Marines,
US Coast Guard
US Air Force
Purple Heart and POW-MIA